Bataan welcomes you to a unique eco-tourism encounter. Here, you can witness breathtaking sights and panoramic trails that can be best explored on foot at one’s pace. Be amazed at the beauty of her forests, scenic views, and splendid sunrise. Trail shelters are available to trekkers for overnight stays. So take a stroll with us, and submit yourself to the raging peninsula experience!


Kill nothing but time…
Leave nothing but footprints…
Take nothing but pictures.

(Note: Mtb trails which are also ideal for other outdoor sports such as trekking and trailrunning: Lakbay 44, Liyang Trail or Killer Loop, Quinauan point, Alas-asin Trail and Twin Rivers Trail)





Tala, Orani

Mt.Natib is the highest summit in the entire Natib Caldera System in the Bataan Natural Park, a dormant volcano with an elevation of 1,253 meters above sea level (masl). It lies between the larger Old Caldera and the smaller Pasukulan Caldera and represents the latest of the volcanic edifice to develop in the area. The slope is characterized by very steep forested slope. Mossy forest characterized by small-stunted trees occurs approaching the peak. The peak is covered by a small patch of grassland. Also found are boulders with inscribed names of American expeditionary forces that climbed the peak way back the 1930s.
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TRAIL CONDITION: Moderate to Difficult
TRAVEL TIME: 1 ½ hours by jeep to Sitio kanawan, 2 hours hike

Kairukan River is one of upper tributaries, which drain the northwest flank of Mt. Silangan.  On the foot of Mt. Kairukan, the narrow, cascading Kairukan falls descends into a deep pool about 30 feet in daiameter.

To get to the waterfalls proceed to Sitio kanawan, Bgy. Binaritan in Morong, near the Philippine Refugee Processing Center (PRPC). A dirt road leads from the PRPC to
a hanging bridge about forty meters in length spanning the Batalan River.  This footbridge serves as the only link between kanawan and the lowlands.  From the bridge, a trail of loose stones slopes upward, leveling off on a grassy plateau where the Sitio, an Aeta community, is located.

One may ask for the services of an Aeta to guide the group.  A single trail is used as an access to the falls.  The trail is
light and will lead you to Kairukan river.  Traverse the river upstream fro 45 minutes until you reach the waterfall.  The campsite is small and can only handle a few tents.


6:00 am ETD Manila (via bus- NLEX)
8:30 am ETA Balanga City, Bataan  
8:45 am   ETD Brgy. Sitio Kanawan, Morong
10:15  ETA Brgy. Sitio Canauan
10:45  Start Trek- Stop over for Lunch
1:30 pm ETA Campsite at Kairukan Falls

9:00am Break camp
11:00am ETA Brgy. Sitio Kanawan
Bathe at the river and prepare to leave
12:00pm ETD Brgy. Sitio Canauan
2:00pm ETA Balanga City
Depart for Manila
4:30pm ETA Manila


This mountain boasts of an 80-foot high waterfall that cascades to a pool of refreshing cool water. As part of the Bataan Natural Park, the site is a protected area of the province.

Alas-asin, Mariveles

A 5 – 6 hours of mountain climbing from Brgy. Alas-asin, Mariveles, Bataan to the peak of Mt. Tarak which stands at 1,130ft. above sea level. The “Blue Mountain” as it is fondly called is an ideal site for mountain trekking, climbing and exploration. It has wide and thick forest, ridges, walls and rivers like the Paniquian river, the crystal clear drinking water of Papaya River and 7 majestic waterfalls.
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Sito Kairukan Binaritan, Morong

It is located in one of the two upper tributaries of Kairukan River, drains the northwest plank of Mt. Silangan. The 150 feet falls descends into a deep plunge pool about 30 feet in diameter. A trail originating from Barangay Binaritan can be used as an access to the falls however it ends some 500 meters from the falls so one has to transverse upstream to reach the falls. The plunge pool can be used for limited swimming and consideration of clearing a small area facing the falls is satisfactory for camping and resting activities.

Sitio Marukdok, Banawang, Bagac

It is the most accessible waterfalls in Bataan Natural Park. It is well known and frequently visited during summer. It’s course open to a narrow deep valley that gradually widens towards Matikis Bay’s coast. A small area at one point can be cleared to enhance its viewing potentials and another area might be used for camping and resting activities.

Sitio Pasukulan, Brgy. Salian, Abucay

A natural wonder with fresh vegetation and unexplored areas, it forms part of the reaches of Tiawi River at southern edge of the smaller Caldera east, southeast of Mt. Natib. The Pasukulan is one of the highest waterfalls (approximately 197 ft.) characterized by a narrow cascading water plunging into a deep pool which is moderately deep and if well-managed can be utilized for swimming and limited recreational activities.

Sitio Tangilad, Brgy. Palili, Samal

This falls is located in Pilis Creek. Its water cascades down a steep-sloped cliff north – northeast of Mt. Nagpali. The falls with an approximate height of 120 feet with a plunge pool filled with falling debris and rocks created by past landslides.

East Kanawan Aetas Reservation, Bgry. Binaritan Morong

The falls forming a part of the Tambangan River upper tributary is approximately 5 meters in height with a deep and wide plunge pool. The indigenous communities of Kanawan utilize it as a recreational area. A safe trail connects the community to the falls with adjacent cleared area for camping and resting purposes.

Municipality of Hermosa

Tukal Falls is actually two cascading falls in succession. Averages about 5 and 12 meters in height each descending to a plunge pool.

Municipality of Pilar

This falls located at the back of Mt. Samat, is approximately 5 m. in height with a deep plunge pool. It is ideal for swimming and camping activities.

Municipality of Bagac

The Limutan Falls rising at 20 meters is located at the heart of one of the rough terrains in the Municipality of Bagac. Approximately 9 kilometers from the national road, the trail can be completed either by walking or by riding a mountain buggy. Suiting up in their outdoor outfit and armed only with a good sense of adventure, the group conquered the rugged course and surge of water from the falls.

Municipality of Bagac

Ambon-Ambon Falls, whose name depicts the look and feel of the water as it gush down the ebb because of its towering height of 60 meters, is also located at Brgy. Binukawan in the Municipality of Bagac. Approximately 9 kilometers from the national road, this same trail leading to Limutan Falls can be reached by an hour ride on a mountain buggy and a 30-60 mins. walk.


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