Mariveles inaugurates new dialysis center

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Mariveles inaugurates new dialysis center

In a significant move to enhance local healthcare, Mayor Ace Jello Concepcion announced the impending opening of the Mariveles Dialysis Center, following a thorough inspection by the Department of Health (DOH) on June 11.

This collaborative effort, which includes private sector partner St. Therese Dialysis Center, Inc., promises to bring much-needed relief to residents requiring regular dialysis treatment.

The inspection was attended by key municipal officials, including Municipal Councilor Ivan Ricafrente, Municipal Administrator Tito Pancho Catipon, Municipal Health Officer Dr. Gerald B. Sebastian, and Rural Health Physician Dr. Sherwin Pontanilla. Their presence underscored the local government’s commitment to improving healthcare infrastructure and services in Mariveles.

Mayor Concepcion highlighted the significance of this development for the local community, particularly for those who currently face the burden of traveling long distances to receive dialysis treatment. ‚ÄúThis dialysis center will greatly ease the strain on our residents who need regular dialysis, eliminating the need for them to travel far and incurring additional expenses,‚ÄĚ he said.

The collaboration with St. Therese Dialysis Center, Inc. aims to ensure that the new facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and staffed by highly trained professionals. This partnership is expected to enhance the quality of care and operational efficiency, providing Marivele√Īos with a reliable and accessible option for their dialysis needs.

Residents have welcomed the news with optimism, expressing gratitude for the convenience and cost savings the new center will bring. The dialysis center is anticipated to become a vital healthcare hub, offering services that align with the community’s growing medical needs.

As the opening day approaches, the local government and its partners are finalizing preparations to ensure that the facility meets all regulatory standards and is ready to serve the public.

The Mariveles Dialysis Center stands as a testament to the town’s ongoing efforts to improve healthcare access and the quality of life for its citizens. The establishment of this center is a milestone for Mariveles, promising to deliver not only medical care but also hope and relief to families affected by kidney disease.

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