Bagac closing in to herd immunity status

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Bagac closing in to herd immunity status

Bagac closing in to herd immunity status

“We are getting closer to the herd immunity status and even faster than other towns do,” thus claimed Nick Santiago Ancheta, municipal administrator of Bagac.

Ancheta said Bagac has 7,852 fully vaccinated residents, while 12, 250 have received their first dose of anti-COVID vaccines.
He said, “Baka kami sa Bagac ang unang magkaroon ng herd immunity status.” (We might become the first town to gain herd immunity status.)

About 500 residents are vaccinated per day in Bagac’s two vaccination sites.
Bagac’s voting population is around 25,000.
Bagac Mayor Ramil del Rosario said four motorcycles are at stake in a raffle just to entice local folks to get vaccinated against the killer virus. Also at stake are P1,000 and 25 kilos of rice courtesy of the office of Bataan Gov. Albert Garcia.

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