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Socio-Economic Profile of Bataan 2021

The Socio-Economic Profile of Bataan before only contained plain tables and data without further description and analysis of the content, trend and impact of information that were deemed to be useful for the people particularly the BataeƱos to know more of the province.

For this year, the information usually gathered for SEP have been described. Available data with 5-year trend have also been presented. Moreover, graphical representations and write-ups are included. It is in this sense that the term ā€œenhancedā€ has been intertwined in the SEP of the province- this initial effort aims to elevate the usual method of doing SEP so as to guide and help the users, researchers, investors, and decision-makers for easier understanding of data that describe the present sectoral characteristics of the province. This is only the start of systematic innovation of the provinceā€™s databank so as to transform this into a more useful reference, the Data Analytics Project.

It is hoped that this document will be of help to all those concerned.

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