Mariveles tops in number of voters

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Mariveles tops in number of voters

Mariveles tops in number of voters

Mariveles town remains on top of 10 other municipalities and one city in Bataan province with 80,688 voters out of more than 150,000 population. It is host to the bustling Freeport Area of Bataan (FAB) with 94 factories with more or less 40,000 workers.
But some of the workers are non-voters of Mariveles. Many of them go home to their respective towns on election day.

Next to Mariveles in terms number of voters is the landlocked Dinalupihan town with more than 69,000 from a total population of 118,209. The number may increase yet as the Commission on Elections (Comelec) is still accepting registrants up to October 30, this year. Comes next is Balanga City with 64,070 out of its total population of 104,173.
Speaking of least number of voters Bagac, with more than 22,000 and Morong, with more than 30,000 come to mind. The Comelec’s count as to total number of Bataan voters was placed at 718,013.

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