A celebration of love and freedom

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A celebration of love and freedom

The air was electric with color and emotion as Bataan First District Representative Geraldine Roman, the first transgender woman elected to the Congress of the Philippines, took to the streets for the LOVE Pride March, joining thousands of LGBTQ+ members and allies in a vibrant celebration of identity and love.

Dubbed “RAMPA WITH PRIDE,” the march was a kaleidoscope of rainbows, sequins, and smiles, a testament to the resilience and joy of the LGBTQ+ community. Rep. Roman, a trailblazer in her own right, was a beacon of inspiration, advocating for love, freedom, and a better life for everyone, regardless of their identity. “Naki-isa tayo sa LOVE Pride March kasama ang mga LGBTQ+ members na rumarampa with PRIDE! Sa araw na ito, we are celebrating YOU!” Roman proclaimed, her voice resonating with the crowd. Her message was clear: unity and acceptance are paramount in the fight for equality. The LOVE Pride March was more than just a parade; it was a movement. Participants from all walks of life came together to stand up for their rights and to celebrate their authentic selves.

The atmosphere was one of celebration and defiance, a joyous resistance against discrimination and marginalization. Rep. Roman’s presence at the march was symbolic of the progress being made in the Philippines, a country where LGBTQ+ rights have been historically underrepresented. Her continued advocacy highlights the importance of political representation in achieving social change.

“IpagLABAN natin ang pagmamahal, kalayaan at ang mas maginhawang buhay maging sino ka man!” Roman urged. Her words were a rallying cry for equality, emphasizing the need for continued activism and solidarity. The hashtags #LoveLaban2Everyone and #LoveLahat trended on social media, spreading the message of love and acceptance far beyond the streets of Bataan. The march was a powerful reminder that while progress has been made, the fight for equality is far from over. Rep. Roman’s unwavering dedication to her constituents and to the LGBTQ+ community continues to pave the way for a more inclusive and accepting society.

The LOVE Pride March was a celebration of that spirit, a day where love truly conquered all. As the marchers dispersed, their spirits remained high, buoyed by the knowledge that they are not alone in their fight. With leaders like Congresswoman Roman by their side, the future looks bright for the LGBTQ+ community in the Philippines and beyond. Pambansang Congresswoman Geraldine Roman’s participation in the LOVE Pride March serves as a beacon of hope and a reminder that love, in all its forms, deserves to be celebrated and protected

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