Abucay LGU confident in winning SGLG award

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Abucay LGU confident in winning SGLG award

The local government unit of Abucay is confident of winning the prestigious Seal of Good Local Government (SGLG).

Abucay Mayor Ruben C. Tagle explained that even the utilization rate of 20% development fund is at 78.15%. The passing SGLG standard is 65%. “This would have been more than enough for the municipality of Abucay,” said the mayor.

In his letter dated June 21, 2023 to Ms. Divina Corpuz, acting regional director of Bureau of Local Government Finance, Tagle cited two reasons for not utilizing the funds to the fullest: firstly, worldwide COVID-19 pandemic; secondly, the election ban from March 25, 2022 to May 8, 2022. Tagle further reasoned out that when the previous administration stepped down on June 30, 2022, the town’s utilization rate of 20% development fund was only at 22.02% which is not even half of what the year’s utilization rate should be. “When I took office, I immediately appointed members of the Bids and Awards Committee with specific instructions to comply with the proper utilization schedule of funds, unfortunately, certain bids were declared failures,” he added.

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