Balanga City pushes for Hustisyang May Kalinga

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Balanga City pushes for Hustisyang May Kalinga

The Balanga City Justice Zone, under the leadership of Judge Marion Jacqueline Poblete, is actively advocating for “Hustisyang May Kalinga,” a program aimed at fostering coordination among government agencies, promoting active participation from the barangay, and implementing more effective drug rehabilitation measures within the community.

To achieve this objective, the Balanga City Justice Zone organized the Balanga: Hustisyang May Kalinga Barangay Caravan, which serves as an informative event and pre-launch for the Bataan Collaborative Action for Rehabilitation, Empowerment, and Support (Bataan CARES) on May 29th at The Bunker in Balanga City.

According to Hon. Poblete’s report, 45% of Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDLs) are re-offenders, signifying an ongoing cycle that needs to be broken. The rising caseload and the increasing number of individuals awaiting probation due to drug-related offenses prompted the Justice Sector Coordinating Council (JSCC), particularly the Balanga City Justice Zone, to prioritize the social justice aspect and seek the assistance of barangays in facilitating effective rehabilitation efforts.

The Balanga City Justice Zone was officially launched on March 18, 2022, after completing all the necessary documentary requirements mandated by the JSCC.

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