Bataan creates Health Promotion Board

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Bataan creates Health Promotion Board

Board Member Jorge Estanislao said they passed at the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) an ordinance creating the Health Promotion Board of Bataan.

He said the SP presided by Vice Governor Cris Garcia unanimously adopted the legislation.

Estanislao, chairman of the SP Committee on Health, sponsored the ordinance. Board Member Jomar Gaza, a lawyer, authored the legislative measure.

Gov. Joet Garcia already approved the ordinance.

The Health Promotion Board will formulate programs for promotion of good health, safety or prevention or detection of diseases.

The board will develop a comprehensive health promotion plan for guidance and implementation of the Health Promotion Boards of 11 municipalities and a city in the province.

Municipal and City Health Promotion Boards may also come up with separate programs for implementation in their respective areas.

The Provincial Health Promotion Board will function as the umbrella body for coordinating and synergizing the efforts of the municipal and city health promotion boards.

Gov. Garcia will be the chair of the Bataan Health Promotion Board and Estanislao, one of the members being the chairman of the SP Committee on Health.

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