Bataan promotes welfare of PWDs, senior citizens

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Bataan promotes welfare of PWDs, senior citizens

In a significant move towards inclusivity and empowerment, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan ng Bataan, led by Vice Governor Ma. Cristina M. Garcia, passed two ordinances this year aimed at promoting the rights and welfare of persons with disability (PWDs) and senior citizens.

Provincial Ordinance No. 1, S. 2023, or the “Bataan Senior Citizens and PWDs Workforce Integration Ordinance” will implement capacity-building programs and initiatives through the Public Employment Service Office (PESO) and other relevant offices to enhance the skills and capabilities of the said marginalized groups, enabling them to secure gainful employment. The ordinance will also grant incentives for employers who actively hire and retain senior citizens and PWDs, further encouraging businesses to embrace diversity and inclusivity in their workforce.

In addition, Provincial Ordinance No. 7, S. 2023, or “Ordinance Strongly Promoting the Creation of Persons With Disability (PWD) Committee in Every Barangay Council and the Establishment of a PWD Desk in Every Barangay in the Province of Bataan and Providing for the Respective Function Thereof” focuses on enhancing the representation and support for PWDs at the grassroots level.

Under this Ordinance, barangay councils are urged to establish a PWD Committee responsible for providing advisory support on PWD concerns. The committee’s role includes proposing budgetary allocations for the operation and maintenance of PWD desks, formulating development plans and programs, and assisting the council in shaping the economic and social progress of PWDs within their communities.

Furthermore, said Ordinance emphasizes the need for barangays to establish PWD Desks, which will serve as a centralized hub for PWD-related services, information dissemination, and coordination. The desks will also handle reports or complaints concerning violations of laws and ordinances that affect the PWD community.

The passage of these ordinances highlights Bataan’s commitment to fostering inclusivity, equal opportunities, and representation for PWDs and senior citizens which is also aligned in the vision of Governor Jose Enrique S. Garcia III of empowering every Bataeño family.

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