BM Roman authors landmark ordinances

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BM Roman authors landmark ordinances

Bataan First District Board Member Tony Roman has authored landmark ordinances since becoming a provincial legislator almost a year ago.

He authored the Provincial Legal Awareness Group (PLAG) ordinance that is providing free legal instruction and raising awareness regarding key national and local legislative measures and executive orders. Seminars and fora are also staged to address common legal problems. Roman noted that some Bataenos are not qualified to avail any of the services offered by PAO due to the indigency test implemented by the agency and that pro bono service by lawyers is merely encouraged and not required by the Supreme Court.

He authored the 2022 Freedom of Information ordinance of the province, and co-authored the ordinance mandating slow-moving vehicles in Roman Highway to use the right lane. He said the legislative piece minimized traffic delays and hazards in Roman Highway, thereby promoting the economic and health objectives of the province. He also said the impending construction of Bataan-Cavite Interlink Bridge is expected to significantly contribute to the volume of traffic in Bataan, particularly, along the Roman Highway expected to increase traffic hazards.

Roman also authored the ordinance declaring first week of September of every year as English Competency Week in the province. He said the legislation aims to raise awareness on the importance of attaining or improving English proficiency; grow interest in the use of English; and propagate the use of the language. He also filed and is pending at the provincial legislative body the Bataan Farmers Coopetition Ordinance. He is also set to file Mental Health Ordinance as he noted the rising number of teenage suicide cases in the province.

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