Coast Guard Bataan assists owner of capsized banca

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Coast Guard Bataan assists owner of capsized banca

Coast Guard Bataan said settlement payment was given on Saturday to a fisherman from Cavite whose banca got capsized by a commercial vessel in the sea waters off Limay early morning of December 23.

Coast Guard Bataan Commander Jonathan Serote said Coast Guard also gave fisherman and banca owner Arnel Aldecoa of Rosario, Cavite media noche package and 2 sacks of rice as assistance. Aldecoa and his two companions were rescued by local fishermen and they immediately reported what happened to them to the Coast Guard who blottered the incident and advised them to file marine protest.

Assisted by Limay Bantay Dagat, Coast Guard towed the capsized banca first to Limay and later to Rosario, Cavite. They were able to identify the vessel through the Vessel Traffic Management System Corregidor. This was later confirmed upon the submission of CCTV footage and voyage plan of the ship.

Coast Guard Bataan assists owner of capsized banca

On December 30, an amicable settlement was reached. The missing fishing nets locally called ‚Äúpambarangay‚ÄĚ were also recovered. Aldecoa profusely thanked Bataan Coast Guard for the prompt action for them to get assistance and justice as well as the holiday food package.

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