Cong. Abet to new barangay execs: “Brace yourself”

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Cong. Abet to new barangay execs: “Brace yourself”

“Brace yourself for numerous problems that you may encounter every now and then.” This was the admonition of Congressman Albert Garcia during Sunday’s mass oathtaking of newly-elected barangay officials of Bataan’s 237 barangays.

Congressman Garcia said in his message that to be a government servant nowadays is quite a difficult task considering the active social media users who would immediately post anything they dislike about the goings-on in a certain barangay. “Napakahirap maging pinuno ngayon sapagkat may makita lang na mali sa barangay ipo-post ka na sa social media,” the former governor of Bataan said. He said the role of a barangay chair is so critical that you will always be subjected to scrutiny by your constituents. He, however, rallied the new barangay officials to be united “since unity emanates from the barangay level.

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