Five LGUs in Central Luzon lead in completing 2023 SGLGIF Projects

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Five LGUs in Central Luzon lead in completing 2023 SGLGIF Projects

The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) in Central Luzon celebrates the success of five local government units (LGUs) in clinching the top spots for completing the first Fiscal Year 2023 Seal of Good Local Governance Incentive Fund (SGLGIF) projects nationwide.

The results are verified through the SGLGIF web application. These LGUs namely Hermosa, Orani and Bagac in Bataan; Sto. Tomas, Pampanga, and Camiling Tarlac, have undertaken initiatives aimed at enhancing the quality of life in their communities, primarily through the improvement of transportation accessibility for both people and goods.

The completed projects, spearheaded by the recognized LGUs, have significantly contributed to easing the transport burden and facilitating smoother movement of individuals and goods within their respective jurisdictions. Among the notable efforts are infrastructure enhancements that include road rehabilitation and construction, as well as the acquisition of vehicles to address the pressing mobility needs of the populace, especially during health and security crises.

The successful implementation of these projects underscores the steadfast commitment of DILG Central Luzon and its partner LGUs to delivering efficient and responsive public services geared towards sustainable development. By prioritizing initiatives that directly impact the lives of their constituents, these LGUs exemplify proactive governance and effective utilization of government resources for the greater welfare of the community.

DILG Central Luzon remains resolute in its mission to foster collaboration and empower local governments in their pursuit of excellence in governance. Through continuous support and guidance, the department aims to nurture a culture of accountability, transparency, and innovation among LGUs, ultimately fostering inclusive growth and progress across the region.

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