GNPD sponsors WASAR training

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GNPD sponsors WASAR training

Seventy participants from 18 barangays of Mariveles joined the Water Search and Rescue (WASAR) Training recently.

Sponsored by GNPower Dinginin Ltd. Co. (GNPD), the five-day training consisted of various training sessions, which started with basic first aid techniques such as hands-only CPR, bandaging, and knot tying. Lecture on water safety was also conducted, which included a demo and practical session on rescue and survival techniques, breathing control, water entry, and swimming techniques.

GNPD sponsors WASAR training

Training involved several demo and practical sessions, such as a physical fitness test, rope rescue techniques, and breath-holding proficiency swimming. The trainees were also enrolled in tougher demos, which included simulation exams and exercises in rubber boat handling. Twenty participants passed to qualify as first responders of the municipality of Mariveles. According to Nikki Bryce Roque, GNPD’s supervisor for environment, this training will also help mitigate the effects of climate change to the country as it equips the municipality with skilled first responders who will be at the frontlines in times of need. Roque said It demonstrates the companies’ strong commitment to enabling the spirit of supporting one another in times of calamity and disaster, as well as increasing employee volunteerism.

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