Grand release of pawikan hatchlings in Morong

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Grand release of pawikan hatchlings in Morong

To preserve marine biodiversity, the Environment and Natural Resources Office (ENRO) Bataan, in partnership with GNPower Dinginin Ltd. Co., Sagip Pawikan Sitio Fuerte Association, Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Bataan, and the Municipality of Morong, spearheaded the grand release of 270 pawikan hatchlings at Sitio Fuerte, Barangay Poblacion, Morong, Bataan on January 26, 2024.

The Provincial Government of Bataan (PGB) has actively participated in raising awareness about the importance of pawikan conservation. Thus, said event underscored the collective commitment to pawikan conservation and marked a significant milestone in the province’s efforts to protect these cherished creatures.

Information, Education, and Communication (IEC Campaigns) through environmental talks, distribution of brochures, pawikan night patrolling, and the implementation of sustainable practices along the coastline are some of the initiatives undertaken to provide safe havens for pawikans to nest and ensure their long-term survival and thriving.

Through these concerted efforts, the PGB is not only safeguarding the pawikan species but also preserving the rich marine ecosystem that sustains livelihood and contributes to the province’s natural heritage. Looking ahead, the province remains steadfast in its dedication to environmental conservation, striving to create a sustainable future where pawikan and other marine species can thrive for generations to come.

Among the attendees were 3rd District Representative and 1PawiCAN President Cong. Gila Garcia, barangay officials and Sangguniang Kabataan representatives of Poblacion, members of the Provincial Tourism Office, Pawikan sa Damara Association Sagip Pawikan Sitio Fuerte Association, and representatives from GNPower Dinginin Ltd. Co., Philippine National Police and Bureau of Fire Protection of Morong. Their collective presence underscored the significance of community involvement in environmental stewardship, paving the way for a brighter, sustainable future along Bataan’s coastline.

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