Hermosa implements “Clean Waters for a Prosperous Town” Initiative

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Hermosa implements “Clean Waters for a Prosperous Town” Initiative

In a significant environmental initiative, Hermosa, launched the “Malinis na Katubigan, Maunlad na Bayan” (Clean Waters for a Prosperous Town) program, led by Mayor Jopet Inton.

This effort aims to enhance water quality and prevent pollution in the local waterways, ultimately benefiting the broader Manila Bay ecosystem.

The event, held Monday in Barangay Almacen, was spearheaded by Hermosa’s Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MENRO) under the leadership of Jesus De Luna. Key participants included Municipal Agriculturist Vincent Mangulabnan and Barangay Captain Emeterio Villafania.

A crucial component of the program is the installation of trash traps in the Almacen River. These devices are designed to capture and reduce waste, preventing blockages and minimizing pollution flowing into the river and canals leading to Manila Bay. This initiative not only aims to maintain the cleanliness of the waterways but also serves as an educational tool for the community about the importance of environmental stewardship.

Mayor Inton emphasized the collective responsibility of the community in maintaining the cleanliness of the town’s water resources. He highlighted that with proper planning, coordination, and community support, achieving a clean and safe environment is possible. “Together, we can ensure a clean and prosperous Hermosa,” Mayor Inton stated, urging all residents to participate actively in environmental conservation efforts.

The program is part of Hermosa’s broader vision to foster sustainable development and environmental protection, ensuring a healthier future for its residents and the surrounding ecosystems.

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