Increase in fireworks-related injuries rings alarm bells in Bataan

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Increase in fireworks-related injuries rings alarm bells in Bataan

As the dust settles from the New Year’s celebrations, a concerning trend emerges in Bataan, where the cases of fireworks related injury (FWRI) have skyrocketed to 25, according to the latest update from the Provincial Epidemiology Surveillance Unit (PESU) of the Bataan Provincial Health Office.

The surge in FWRI cases represents a significant jump from the initial 12 reported cases, with the numbers climbing steadily from December 21, 2023, to January 6, 2024. The PESU data reveals a troubling pattern that demands urgent attention. Mariveles takes the lead in the unfortunate tally, reporting six cases of FWRI, closely followed by Hermosa, Limay, and Balanga City, each registering four cases. Orani follows suit with three cases, while Bagac reports two. Notably, Dinalupihan has one case, and the towns of Abucay, Morong, Orion, and Pilar boast zero cases, highlighting a varied landscape of safety measures across the province.

The Bataan Provincial Health Office (PHO-Bataan) emphasizes that amidst the holiday festivities and mass gatherings, residents should remain vigilant and adhere to prevailing health protocols due to the reported increase in COVID-19 cases in Bataan. Governor Joet Garcia, in response to the dual threat of FWRI and the ongoing pandemic, encourages Bataenos to wear face masks, especially in crowded public and private spaces.

This additional precaution aims to shield residents from the growing risk of respiratory diseases. “The joy of the holiday season and other celebrations should not compromise our safety. Let us celebrate responsibly, mindful of both the risks posed by fireworks and the persistent threat of COVID-19. Wear your masks, practice social distancing, and let’s keep Bataan safe for everyone,” Governor Garcia emphasized during a recent press conference with the Bataan media.

The PHO-Bataan and PESU continue to work hand-in-hand, issuing reminders and safety guidelines to prevent further escalation of FWRI cases. The province remains committed to ensuring the well-being of its residents, promoting a balance between celebration and safeguarding public health.

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