Local execs oppose operation of BNPP

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Local execs oppose operation of BNPP

Local officials of the province are consistently against the idea of operating the mothballed Bataan Nuclear Power Plant BNPP in Morong town.

Orion, Bataan Mayor Antonio Raymundo, Jr., president of Bataan Mayors’ League, said his colleagues and the people of the province are definitely are against the planned operation of BNPP. He said in European countries where he and other local officials visited last month “they no longer use nuclear energy.”

“We are not opposing the nuclear energy per se, what we are against is the opening of antiquated nuclear plant,” Raymundo said. The mayor explained that the local residents are aware of the energy crisis and rising cost of fuel but “we would not allow the operation of BNPP.” Raymundo said his office is drafting a resolution to be signed by 12 mayors expressing their sentiment against the planned operation of BNPP.

Bataan Gov. Jose Enrique Garcia III has reiterated his stand his stand– rejection of BNPP operation. He said Bataan province totally different now from 40 years ago. He said there are now economic zones and other important infrastructures to protect in case of nuclear accident. The new Marcos administration’s interest to tap nuclear energy was sparked by the proposal of an American company which had proposed the use of micro modular reactors (MMR) to put an end to power supply outages.

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