Mariveles celebrates Apo Kulas Feast

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Mariveles celebrates Apo Kulas Feast

The Mariveles LGU prepared spirited 2-day activities in celebration of the feast of Apo Kulas (San Nicolas de Tolentino), the town’s patron saint, to the delight of the faithful and fiesta goers.

Mayor AJ Concepcion, with the support of the Sangguniang Bayan headed by Vice Mayor Lito Rubia prepared the animated program in veneration of Apo Kulas. It will be remembered there were no patronal fiesta activities in Mariveles for the past two years due to pandemic.

Inter-Barangay Zumba Dance Contest was held September 9. There were Bankarera (Bancathon), Bike-a-thon, and Inter-Town Dance Contest on the day of the feast. The much-anticipated Karakol and Daraldal were staged to in cooperation with the Catholic Church.

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