Mass housing project entails many issues

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Mass housing project entails many issues

The national government’s mass housing project faces a plethora of problems that cannot be resolved overnight.

Undersecretary Wilfredo Mallari of Department of Human Settlement and Urban Development said there are many issues that entail in the government’s housing project but the national leadership under President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. had been trying its best so as not to disappoint the people more particularly the homeless.

Mallari cited as an example the soil testing procedure which will eat up three months to get result. “A lot of testing shall be made on the site to determine its safety and sustainability for the housing project,” he said.

Aside from the technical aspect, there are legal issues like the right-of-way, the mayor’s permit, and other environmental compliance matter that should be resolved. The former DPWH assistant secretary opined that the 1 million housing units for the 2023 seems to be unachievable considering the time constrainst and the requirements before the mamoth project could commence almost.

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