‘Nuke plant unlikely in decade’

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‘Nuke plant unlikely in decade’

Nuclear power development in Southeast Asia may not take place in 10 years or so owing to the fact that safety concern and high development cost stand in the way.

The Fitch Group said in recent report that nuclear power generation in Asia would be limited to “a handful of markets” particularly China, India, South Korea, and Bangladesh.

The report published in February 5, 2024 issue of Philippine Daily Inquirer said, “The sentiment in Asia remains relatively against nuclear power reactors, reflected by the limited developments of new plants over the past ten years prominently in the subregion of Southeast Asia.

The government and private sector in the Philippines, for example, have long been reviving talks of nuclear power generations to lessen the country’s dependence on fossil fuels, the report said.

During the height of heated public discussion of Marcos administration’s plan to revive or operate the mothballed Bataan Nuclear Power Plant in Morong town, Congressman Albert S. Garcia, Bataan Gov. Joet Garcia and Congresswoman Gila Garcia bluntly opposed the government plan.

The three Garcias argued that the BNPP is now obsolete after 45 years and that its safety and quality could not be assured. Congressman Abet said putting up nuclear plant nowadays is too costly not to mention the safety regulations that would entail during its operation.

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