Partners to protect and serve

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Partners to protect and serve

Bishop Ruperto Santos and the Presbyterial Council, Josue Enero and Percival Medina highly appreciated the courtesy visit of the newly-appointed Bataan PNP Police Director Romell Velasco recently at the Diocese of Balanga.

The good Bishop said that the Diocese of Balanga and the PNP Bataan are “Right and Left hands” for the welfare and well-being of Bataenos, working hand in hand for peace and prosperity of all.

The Diocese of Balanga assures PD Velasco of the cooperation and collaboration to “protect and serve”, as the church is always praying for his safety, sound health and success.

PD Velasco on the other hand, said that he’s more than grateful for the kind gestures of our spiritual leaders and thanked them in working hand in hand while praying for his safety.

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