Petron supports Limay fish sanctuary rehab

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Petron supports Limay fish sanctuary rehab

The Limay Fish Sanctuary in Barangay Wawa is poised for a significant transformation as a collaborative effort among the local government of Limay, the Municipal Fisheries Aquatic Resources Management Council (MFARMC), and Petron Corporation gains momentum. This renewal of partnership marks a crucial step towards the sanctuary’s rehabilitation, ensuring its sustainability for years to come.

On March 26, Limay Mayor Nelson David, alongside MFARMC Chairperson Edgardo E. Gomez and Petron’s AVP for Corporate Affairs and Petron Foundation Executive Director Mia S. Delos Reyes, solidified their commitment through a formal MOA signing. This ceremonial event signifies the dedication of all parties involved to the preservation of the sanctuary and its surrounding marine ecosystem.

Under the guidance of the MFARMC, the Limay LGU has devised a comprehensive program aimed at rejuvenating the existing 7.5-hectare fish sanctuary in Barangay Wawa. Central to this initiative is the installation of floating markers and artificial coral reefs, strategically placed to safeguard critical fish habitats. Through these measures, the program endeavors to bolster food security within the province, underscoring the interconnectedness of environmental preservation and community well-being.

As a steadfast advocate for community welfare and environmental stewardship, Petron Corporation assumes a pivotal role in this endeavor. Beyond providing financial support, Petron actively participates in the monitoring and execution of the rehabilitation program. This collaborative approach underscores Petron’s longstanding commitment to fostering sustainable practices and nurturing healthy ecosystems across Limay and its neighboring communities.

With an anticipated completion date in 2025, the rehabilitation of the Limay Fish Sanctuary stands as a testament to the power of collective action in safeguarding natural resources. Through unwavering cooperation and shared responsibility, the partners involved aim to create a thriving sanctuary that not only benefits local fisheries but also serves as a beacon of environmental resilience and community empowerment.

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