Rabbit raisers train on meat production

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Rabbit raisers train on meat production

The Bataan Peninsula State University (BPSU) Office of the Vice President for Research, Extension and Training Services has trained Bataan rabbit raisers on improved rabbit meat production management.

Fifty four rabbit raisers and officers of Bataan Association of Rabbit Meat Producers and Processors (BARMPP) underwent the seminar-workshop.

The activity is one of the components of the BPSU-Provincial Veterinary Office project entitled ā€œLivelihood Assistance on Rabbit Dispersal for Meat Productionā€ program which aims to promote the regular consumption of rabbit meat as an alternative source of livelihood in the province.

Vice President for Research, Extension, and Training Services Dr. Hermogenes Paguia said lectures and presentations were given and facilitated by founder and president of the Association of Rabbit Meat Producers Artemio C. Veneracion Jr. ā€œBasic knowledge on commercial rabbit raising including sexing, proper handling, and breeding were imparted to training participants.

Mr Veneracion also showed them the multiple benefits and products they can get from raising the animal.

He also emphasized on the rabbit meatā€™s rich nutritional composition to encourage the beneficiaries in promoting commercial rabbit raisingā€, the BPSU official said.

The seminar-wotkshop was also attended by Dr. Danval Mc Lyn L. Molina, representative of the Provincial Veterinarian, Dr. Walter G. Valdez, Campus Director of BPSU Abucay Campus, Dr. Rina Q. Paguia, ETSOAC Chairperson, and Dr. Bernadeth B. Gabor, ETSO Director. The activity was held recently at the Farmersā€™ Training Center, BPSU Abucay Campus.

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