San Isidro gal wins Mutya ng Mariveles 2023 crown

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San Isidro gal wins Mutya ng Mariveles 2023 crown

The Mutya ng Mariveles 2023 on Friday showcased the beauty and intelligence of Mariveleñas, as well as their talent and grace under pressure.

The pageant is one of the most anticipated events in the Province of Bataan and this year’s pageant did not disappoint them.

The event began with the introduction of the 17 candidates, who represented their respective barangays with pride and honor.

The candidates were judged based on their talent, beauty, intelligence, and charisma.

After a grueling competition, the judges narrowed down the list to the top 11, and then to the top 5.

The top 5 finalists were Hazel Ann Caluban of San Isidro, Marissa Marquez of Baseco, Ruth Dinopol of Alasasin, Christine Jae Quizon of San Carlos, and Jeline Mae De Chavez of Batangas II.

Each of these ladies gave it their all, but in the end, it was Hazel Ann Caluban of San Isidro who emerged as the Mutya ng Mariveles 2023 Grand Winner.

Ms. Marquez of Baseco was the first runner-up, while Ms. Quizon of San Carlos took home the second runner-up title.

Ms. Dinopol of Alasasin and Ms. De Chavez of Batangas II were awarded the third and fourth runner-up titles, respectively.

Aside from the main competition, the Mutya ng Mariveles 2023 also featured several special awards.

These awards recognized the candidates who excelled in different categories, such as Best in Talent, Best in Swimsuit, Best in Evening Gown, and Best in Theme Wear.

There were also awards for Miss People’s Choice, Miss Congeniality, and Miss Photogenic, among others.

The event was made possible by the support of various sponsors and partners, such as Ms. Obets Lechon, Ms. Holy Grail, Ms. Photographer Choice, Ms. Flutuni, Ms. Tarak, Ms. Tarak Guest House and Restaurant, Ms. Fitness Hub, Ms. Rey Scent, Ms. Mt Tarak Wellness Beauty, Ms. Kservico, Ms. KremeeCafe, and many more.

The candidates also showed their support for their respective barangays by promoting tourism and showcasing their unique culture and traditions.

The Mutya ng Mariveles 2023 according to Mayor AJ Concepcion, was a fitting tribute to the 78th Liberation Day Anniversary of Mariveles, Bataan.

It highlighted the beauty and grace of the Mariveleñas, and their unwavering spirit and resilience in the face of challenges.

Municipal Tourism Chairperson Atty. Fe Concepcion said this event was not just a beauty pageant, but a celebration of the rich history and culture of Mariveles, and a testament to the strong sense of community and camaraderie among its people.

The pageant was graced by Bataan Third District Representative Gila Garcia who joined the Mariveles local officials led by Mayor Ace Jello Concepcion, Vice Mayor Lito Rubia, SB Members, municipal department heads and village chiefs in the celebration of the town’s Liberation Day celebration.

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