SM City Bataan joins Brigada Eskwela

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SM City Bataan joins Brigada Eskwela

SM City Bataan has once again demonstrated its unwavering commitment to education and community development through its participation in the annual Brigada Eskwela initiative.

SM public relations officer Paula Gayeta, said in collaboration with local educational institutions, SM City Bataan has embarked on a remarkable endeavor to refurbish and revitalize schools within their respective areas. At Tenejero Elementary School, SM City Bataan joined forces with dedicated employees and security and clean master personnel to undertake a comprehensive transformation of the learning environment. Classroom walls were repainted and refurbished, tidied up the surroundings to create a vibrant and conducive atmosphere for students.

The initiative aimed to inspire and motivate young minds by providing them with an engaging educational space. Gayeta said these initiatives are a testament to SM’s dedication to education and its firm belief in the power of volunteerism. By engaging employees in community service, SM City Bataan strives to nurture a spirit of volunteerism and social responsibility among its team members.

Brigada Eskwela serves as a platform for collaboration between SM City Bataan and educational institutions, allowing them to work hand in hand to create a positive impact on the lives of students. Through these projects, SM aims to contribute to the holistic development of the community and empower the future generation.

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