SSS Balanga conducts RACE operation

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SSS Balanga conducts RACE operation

The Social Security System (SSS) Balanga Branch conducted on Monday a Run After Contributions Evaders (RACE) operation in the towns of Pilar and Abucay.

The team, headed by SSS Vice President Vilma Agapito for Luzon Central 1 Division delivered show cause order to nine (9) delinquent businesses and reminded them of the obligation of remitting their employees’ contributions. Atty. Vic Byron Fernandez, Head of Luzon Central Legal Department, warned negligent business owners that they will face legal consequences if they do not comply with the order after the 15-day period.

He said non-remittance of employees’ contribution is tantamount to depriving them of their right to social security and benefits.

He warned erring employers may face imprisonment plus paying the contribution delinquencies and penalties.

Atty. Antonio Argabioso, Senior Vice President Luzon Operations Group, personally oversaw on Monday the RACE conduct in the province.

Agapito said another RACE operation will be conducted this year by Balanga Branch.

He said the SSS will continue to monitor and run after delinquent businesses.

Agapito also reported that the conduct of Balanga Branch RACE 2022 netted a collection of P988 thousand as of February this year.

The team that conducted RACE operation on Monday also included Branch Head Joel Villafuerte, Acting AMS Head Janette J. Bunsoy and Balanga Branch accounts officers.

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