Pediatric vaccination rolls out in Bataan

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Pediatric vaccination rolls out in Bataan

In its earnest desire to vaccinate all eligible individuals in the province, the Provincial Government of Bataan through theBataan General Hospital and Medical Center (BGHMC) facilitated the ceremonial vaccination for Priority Group A3 – pediatric patients, patients with comorbidity 12 to 17 years old at the BGHMC.

Eligible individuals ages 12 to 17 who want to get vaccinated should be accompanied by their parent/guardian, bring the necessary documents which state that they are part of the priority group, birth certificate, valid ID of parent/s, medical certificate, and QR code which can be accessed through the vaccination website.
Only pediatric patients who have comorbidities like Down Syndrome, Cancer, Tuberculosis, and other comorbidities listed by the Department of Health (DOH) can be vaccinated at BGHMC.

Meanwhile, starting November 5, eligible individuals ages 12 to 17 without comorbidity can be vaccinated as well at the Bataan People’s Center (BPC), Vista Mall, PENELCO and will eventually roll out in all vaccination sites in Bataan. They should be accompanied by their parent/guardian together with their birth certificate, and a valid ID of parent/s.

Recently, the National Government launched the vaccination for pediatric patients in selected pilot hospitals in the National Capital Region (NCR). According to the Department of Health (DOH), the official vaccination roll-out for Priority Group A3 – Pediatric Patients is set to begin on November 5, in all areas in the Philippines. Everyone is advised to wait for the further announcement and official guidelines regarding this matter.

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