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Soil Sampling

The nutrient content of the soil is determined to help in identifying the amount of inputs needed to improve the productivity of the area.

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Scientific Examination of Fish Suspected to be Caught by the Use of Explosives

Fish suspected to be caught with the use of explosives will be examined by a Licensed Fish Examiner who completed and passed the examination during the training.

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Provision of Tilapia Fingerlings

Tilapia fingerlings is given for free to backyard fishpond to encourage fishpond operators to produce fish for personal consumption and to increase fish production in the province.

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Provision of Farm Inputs

The provision of assorted repacked vegetable seeds and fruit-bearing tree seedlings, Trichoderma Harzianum or Compost Fungus Activator (CFA), and molasses and soil ameliorant liquid root exudates aims to enhance agricultural productivity and sustainability by encouraging diverse planting, accelerating composting processes, and improving soil quality for increased crop yields.

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Livelihood Trainings to Farmer Groups & Rural Based Organizations

OPA conducts livelihood trainings mostly related to processing of agri-fishery commodities.

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Technical Assistance

Technical assistance provided covers a range of areas including farm machinery/equipment, fisheries/aquaculture, crop production, and agricultural development support, offering validation, monitoring, and assistance in various aspects such as site selection, maintenance, and marketing to enhance agricultural productivity and sustainability.

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The Bunker

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