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CCTV FootageReview and Request for PNP Copy

CCTV footage review and or request for pnp copy of incident by the requester and the accompanying pnp officer from command center.

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Stranded vehicle assistance

MBDA assistance to stranded vehicles experiencing vehicular trouble such as flat tires, battery problem, engine trouble and etc. In Roman Superhighway and major thoroughfares of Bataan.

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Bataan 911 and MBDA Hotline Emergency Calls and Emergency Response by MBDA Medics and or MBDA Enforcers

MBDA call center hotline numbers and 911 Bataan for emergency calls and mbda medics and tactical operation center enforcer's response to all road related accidents and other incidents such as shooting, stabbing, drowning, fire, stoning and etc.

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CCTV Footage Request for Copy for Court Use and MBDA Representation for Court Hearing

CCTV footage request of copy of incident from command center for court use and request for MBDA representation to appear before the court on hearing on incidents captured by CCTV recorded at the command center.

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Request for Ambulance Assistance

MBDA medic's response to any reported medical incident requiring first aid and immediate transfer to the hospital this may include request for ambulance assistance for home to hospital and hospital to other hospital transfer.

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The Bunker

Capitol Compound, San Jose, City of Balanga, Bataan, Philippines 2100
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