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Technical Assistance on Mangrove Planting

Those who wish to conduct mangrove planting can seek the technical assistance of PG-ENRO, which includes identification of planting site and schedule

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Special Collection of Solid Waste

The PG-ENRO can provide special waste collection service to institutional areas not included in its regular service areas.

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Short-Term Air Quality Monitoring

The PG-ENRO can provide one-time assessments or short-term monitoring of ambient air quality at a specific site not included in its regular air quality monitoring.

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Rental of Water Quality Checker

The multi-parameter water quality checker of PG-ENRO can be borrowed and used for a limited time for research purposes.

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Provision of Farm Inputs

1. Provision of assorted repacked vegetable seeds and fruit-bearing tree seedlings - aims to improve land productivity by encouraging people to plant vegetables and other fruit trees. 2. Provision of Trichoderma Harzianum or Compost Fungus Activator (CFA) - Trichoderma harzianum or CFA is a compost fungus activator (CFA) used to hasten the decomposition of the agricultural wastes to produce organic fertilizers. 3. Provision of Molasses and Soil Ameliorant Liquid Root Exudates - molasses and soil ameliorant liquid root exudates which improves that quality of the soil for agricultural production.

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Issuance of Quarry Permit/Industrial Sand and Gravel Permit

A Quarry Permit is a document granted to a qualified person for the extraction and utilization of quarry resources on public or private lands not exceeding five (5) hectares.

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Technical Assistance on Wildlife Rescue

Citizens who wish to turn over rescued wildlife species can seek the assistance of PG-ENRO for appropriate response.

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Issuance of Certificate of Environmental Compliance

The Certificate of Environmental Compliance (CEC) serves as proof of compliance of a poultry or piggery farm with pertinent environmental laws and regulations.

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Provision of Tilapia Fingerlings

Tilapia fingerlings is given for free to backyard fishpond to encourage fishpond operators to produce fish for personal consumption and to increase fish production in the province.

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