Bataan observes ‘Plastic Bag Free Day’

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Bataan observes ‘Plastic Bag Free Day’

Bataan joined in the observation of ‘International Plastic Bag Free Day’ last July 3 by enjoining everyone to refrain from using plastic bag, and use alternative paper bag instead to reduce toxic waste in the environment and promote a green environment.

To be in tune with the campaign, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (provincial board) of Bataan has already passed a resolution regulating the use and dumping of plastic waste materials.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources has declared that the Philippines is on track to reach its target of recovering and diverting 80 percent of plastic packaging by 2028.

The DENR said businesses managed to divert 20 percent of plastic waste in the first year of implementing the Expanded Producers’ Responsibility (EPR) Act.

Deo Florence Onda, an oceanograoher, told Manila reporters last week that Manila Bay is still the most polluted with 23.77 plastics per square meter, followed by Eastern Palawan (5.58), and Western Palawan (0.84).

In Manila Bay, the most common types of waste are thin plastic wraps, foamed fragments and straws, which come from the food ang commercial industry. During a southwest monsoon, 90 percent of plastics come from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, China, Taiwan and even Singapore.

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