BFAR Central Luzon launches seafood KADIWA grant program

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BFAR Central Luzon launches seafood KADIWA grant program

The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) Central Luzon has launched an innovative program called the Seafood KADIWA Grant. This program is designed to aid local fisherfolk communities across the region, including two associations in Bataan.

The Seafood KADIWA Grant is a unique initiative that aims to address the financial gap among fisherfolk groups by providing them with start-up capital in the form of fresh fish. Unlike other assistance programs, this grant will provide beneficiaries with 100 kilograms of milkfish, which they can sell fresh, chilled, or processed. The earnings from the initial batch of fish are intended to sustain the operations of the beneficiaries and foster a self-sustaining model of economic empowerment within their communities.

This initiative is a testament to BFAR 3’s commitment to fostering sustainable development and prosperity within coastal communities. In addition to the grant, BFAR 3 also offers marketing assistance to facilitate connections with fish producers and logistical support during the delivery of fish to various provinces.

This collaborative effort aims to establish a symbiotic relationship between producers and groups, bridging market gaps, and enhancing fish supply in regions with low sufficiency levels. In summary, the Seafood KADIWA Grant is a promising initiative for the fisherfolk communities in Central Luzon, including those in Bataan, aiming to empower them economically and enhance the region’s fishery industry.

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