BGHMC to Level Up as a Multi-Specialty Apex Hospital

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BGHMC to Level Up as a Multi-Specialty Apex Hospital

In a recent hearing held by the Committee on Health and Demography in Congress on April 2, Bataan 2nd District Representative Abet Garcia highlighted the significant strides towards healthcare enhancement in the province. Among the key agenda was House Bill 8426, authored by Cong. Abet, aiming to elevate the Bataan General Hospital and Medical Center (BGHMC) into a Multi-Specialty Apex Hospital.

The proposed bill entails substantial upgrades, most notably expanding the hospital’s capacity from its current 500-bed capacity to an impressive 1000-bed facility. This enhancement underscores a commitment to provide comprehensive healthcare services to the residents of Bataan and neighboring areas.

During the hearing, the Department of Health (DOH) expressed its full support for the initiative, as evidenced by the position paper presented by Undersecretary Emmie Liza Perez-Chiong. The endorsement from the DOH signifies a crucial step towards realizing the vision of a state-of-the-art healthcare facility in Bataan.

Moreover, the absence of opposition from the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) further strengthens the momentum behind the proposed bill. With no objections raised, the path appears clearer for the advancement of the legislative measure, signaling a unified effort towards bolstering healthcare infrastructure and services in the region.

Rep. Garcia emphasized the paramount importance of upgrading BGHMC into a Multi-Specialty Apex Hospital, stating that it would not only address the increasing healthcare demands but also elevate the province’s status as a hub for advanced medical care. As discussions progress, stakeholders anticipate a positive outcome, heralding a new era of healthcare excellence for Bataan and its populace.

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