Modernization boosts BOC collection

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Modernization boosts BOC collection

Modernization at the Bureau of Customs (BOC) boosted the agency’s collection effort for the year 2022.

BOC Port of Limay District Collector Atty. William Balayo said the modernization program helped BOC collection districts surpass their individual revenue targets in 2022.

BOC exceeded its annual target last year with a collection of more than P862 billion, which is 34 percent higher than the P643 billion collected in 2021.

BOC Port of Limay recorded a collection of P78 billion for 2022, surpassing by 48 percent the original target of P53 billion.

He said the establishment of Customs Operation Center that command and control the intelligence and enforcement operations of collection districts nationwide helps in curbing illicit trades.

The center facility is designed to house the different intelligence, enforcement, risk management, and scanning systems of the bureau.

He said the center manages the Electronic Tracking of Containerized Cargo (E-TRACC) and the Vessel Monitoring System, among others.

Balayo said in E-TRACC System, a device is installed in containers to monitor movement and location and secure the transit of imported goods.

The center also has the capability to provide remote access to the scanning or x-ray systems of the bureau.

He also said the agency’s Trace Detection System is effective in detecting explosives, narcotics, and drugs.

He said BOC personnel use body cameras during operations for transparency.

Balayo, however, said that the modernization and digitalization in the bureau is not yet fully achieved.

He said there have been reforms and transformation at BOC.

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