PCG launches drive vs illegal fishing

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PCG launches drive vs illegal fishing

The Philippine Coast Guard Bataan Station is now actively coordinating with “Bantay Dagat” in its renewed campaign against illegal fishing activities in Limay and other adjoining towns.

PCG Bataan Station Commander Jonathan Serote said the station has apprehended 39 individuals since last November 9 for various illegal fishing activities like trawl, dynamite fishing, use of fine-meshed fishing net, among other violations of Fishery Laws. Serote has designated Ensign Virgil Duad to head the law enforcement team which had been working hand-in-hand with “Bantay Dagat” in Limay. The team uses two units of motorized boat owned by Limay municipal government for use in the campaign against illegal fishing. “With the joint maritime patrol, we usually turn over those arrested illegal fishers to the Bantay Dagat which will file appropriate charges against the suspects,” Serote explained. Sometime in May 2023, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) trained 70 fishermen from different towns of Bataan to be deputized as “Bantay Dagat” volunteers. They were apprised of fishery laws and proper legal procedures.

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