Sen. Bong Go inaugurates Super Health Center in Samal

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Sen. Bong Go inaugurates Super Health Center in Samal

Senator Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go, Chairperson of the Senate Committee on Health, led the inauguration of the Super Health Center in Samal town today, signaling a significant advancement in the government’s healthcare infrastructure and accessibility efforts.

The inauguration marks a crucial step towards enhancing public health services and bringing medical care closer to the grassroots level. The Super Health Center is part of a broader initiative aimed at improving healthcare access, particularly in primary care services.

Senator Go underscored the pivotal role these centers play in the government’s healthcare strategy, emphasizing the goal of making medical services more accessible to communities. He highlighted that the center functions as a medium-sized polyclinic, offering consultation and primary care services to address the healthcare needs of residents.

“So far ito po yung nakita kong pinakamandang Super Health Center,” Sen. Go told Samaleños during his speech. Furthermore, Senator Go stressed the inclusivity of the Super Health Center by ensuring access to PhilHealth consultations for all Filipinos, regardless of membership status.

The center’s services extend beyond consultations, encompassing laboratory services and birthing facilities. Senator Go emphasized the significance of early disease detection, underlining the center’s role in promoting preventive healthcare measures within the community. The inauguration of the Super Health Center in Samal town represents a tangible commitment by the government to prioritize public health and improve healthcare access at the grassroots level. Senator Bong Go’s leadership in spearheading this initiative underscores the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing the healthcare needs of Filipino communities. With the inauguration of the center, residents can now access essential medical services closer to home, marking a significant milestone in the nation’s healthcare landscape.

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